About Us

Clean Home. Smart Choice.

We’ve spent decades mastering cleaning and disinfecting, so you don’t have to.

Innovative, evidence-based strategies, high-end technology, and clientele care on par with five-star hotels. This is what we are. We provide the industry knowledge required to maintain the cleanliness and safety of any business, from corporate offices to sizable manufacturing facilities and medical clinics.

The services offered by Smart Choice Property Services go much beyond simple housecleaning. We are a business committed to returning to our clients the time they deserve to spend doing the things they love. By taking care of your home, we put The Extra In Your Ordinary and help you find harmony in your life. Life passes so quickly, so it’s important to stop and take it all in. This is possible with Smart Choice Property Services.

Every square inch of your home is cleaned by our cleaning services. To make sure you have the lovely and spotless house you deserve, we can revitalize your bathroom, energize your kitchen, and revive your bedroom. To deliver a clean and healthy home, we’ll reach all the nooks and crannies to thoroughly remove any dust, bacteria, and germs.

We Make Your Home Shine!

You Expect A Lot, So We Deliver More

We know that no two houses are the same, so there’s no reason cleaning services should be the same, either. At Smart Choice Property Services, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. When you request a free estimate, one of our expert representatives will work with you to create a custom cleaning program that will fit both your lifestyle and budget. If you ever have any concerns or need to make changes to your service, our friendly office staff is only a phone call away.

We make your home sparkle!

The Team You Can Trust

Smart Choice Property Services is aware of the strength of its team members and believes they are our greatest asset. To give you peace of mind when allowing us access to your home, we rigorously screen all applicants and undertake in-depth background checks. This procedure guarantees that the people we hire and the ones you have in your home are genuinely committed to doing a good job for you.

No team member enters your home without having received training, which is very important to us. In actuality, a thorough, week-long training session is needed for every new employee, regardless of background or prior experience. Only after completing this course can the new team member receive certification.

Our Service, Your Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Goal

Both inside and outside of your house, the Smart Choice Property Services team is committed to providing for your needs. Our office staff takes care of all the paperwork and administration requirements like a professional cleaning company, so you don’t have to. Our worry-free assurance is a supporter of our services. With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve perfected our cleaning and disinfecting services to guarantee you receive the outcomes and care you demand. If, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with our services, please let us know within 24 hours, and we will make it right.

Our Work

Our Works Speaks of Our Quality